The city is the capital of Pampatar Maneiro municipality in Margarita Island, Venezuela Nueva Esparta state.


Rated as one of the most emblematic sites, because that maintained its beauty and warmth, turning at the same time gives current with excellent restaurants, clubs, lodges, hotels, shopping centers and housing developments ranging from the more traditional keeping their structures intact, to the experimental and new, with a purely artistic vibe, have developed numerous national and international proposals that have made this part of Margarita grow without losing its essence, a fairly busy place that everyone should enjoy.

It is located on the east coast of Margarita Island and its port is protected by the Punta Ballena. Its average temperature is 28 ° C with average annual rainfall of 500 mm.

Pampatar is one of the oldest cities of the island of Margarita Since its inception has been a fishing village whose origin dates back to 1530 when the first Spaniards decided to stay in it and to ensure its permanence, they built fortresses and bunkers for shelter pirate attacks.

Its original name was Puerto Real de Mampatare word of Guaiqueri origin meaning salt or Town House.

In 1811 according to the first National Constitution, Margarita is one of the eight provinces that form the fledgling Venezuela and is divided into two cantons: Canton North Santa Ana as header and South Canton with the Assumption as the head, to which they are attached Pampatar populations Pampatare-old indigenous-and Los Robles.

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