Located on the shores of the People "El Tirano" which bears this name because of "Lope de Aguirre" a bloody Spanish conquistador.

Its relief is coastal - Rocky, the climate is warm, its length is 300 meters long by 10mts wide, occupying an area of 0.3 hectares, vegetation is xerophytic type and coconut trees are in the vicinity of the beach.


This attractive offers an excellent view of the hill Guayamurí, has abundant silt on the sea shore and the presence of solid waste left by construction workers so it is not recommended as a beach for the day but serves as a port for buy fresh fish, fish, or visit the Isla de los Frailes, note that features several vessels engaged in tourism activities departing from El Tirano to Los Frailes, where they often go many domestic and foreign tourists to diving. It is currently under construction project of the Bay of Tirano, to improve its structure, has several villages on the edge of the beach.

Usually it yields of fish fairs in mid-March every year, where they meet in the adjacent to this beach to celebrate, with street entertainment programs.