It is a small bay with calm waters, and its entrance by Margarita Hesperia hotel, is 400 meters, is located 2.5 kilometers of Pedro Gonzalez.


It has ocean waves, high vegetation and fine sand, is clean, but access is a bit rough, as the bathers must pass inside the hotel and there is only one entry is via a dirt road which is in very poor condition, the hotel disturbs a lot the display to the beach with its construction. However, it offers the possibility of practicing various sports of sailing and fishing.


This beach is considered by tourists as one of the most attractive of the island and is ideal for children and inexperienced swimmers, due to its calm waves, is considered one of the cleanest and beautiful, even if not staying at the hotel you can rent awnings, chairs and there is a company that rents the banana, waterskiing on board, kayak, paddle boats and jet skis. Also, they offer rides on jet skis to Taguantar. You can also observe the nesting sea turtles.