It is a beautiful and picturesque beach with white sand, calm and clear waters.


This "Paradise" hidden, initially known as la Punta's beach, a site that has taken relevance to vistantes and inhabitants of the island recently, has a somewhat limited space and is used mainly by people coming down from cruise ships, is part Port International Guamache in Punta de Piedras, close to the ferry terminal location that does not affect at all the beauty and cleanliness of the beach, there is a team of people who are responsible for removing algae from the banks and keep them clean, it being a fairly safe place, not sellers, ideal to spend all day and relax, have a single restaurant where they serve very well, it is perfect for children and the elderly for their calm shallow water, with services dressing, fresh water and comfortable awnings. Its tip is surrounded by a mangrove forest and a spectacular lagoon that bind to the beach, allowing a unique view of the islands of Coche and Cubagua, the coast of Sucre state and the famous natural monument "Tetas de Maria Guevara".

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It can be reached by taking the Avenida Juan Bautista Arismendi, get to Punta de Piedras and make the return to the town of El Guamache. A church will indicate the intersection. A few meters later the road becomes a "Y" and continues to the left, right to the entrance of Puerto Internacional El Guamache, its entrance is a square surveillance in which to identify, they indicate the direction of the beach.